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Attention Students !!!

2021 Scholarship applications are now open for our March 25th Awards Night.

Go to the student page, register with FEF Canada and follow directions to submit your application.  They are open to any student at a Canadian College, or University studying a career in metal casting. You must be able to work in Canada and a strong preference is given to those with work terms in metal casting.

” Don’t Miss Out. Apply Now “

Applications Close

Tuesday March 9th at 12:00 midnight

We  have 5 awards to present this year. Your one application covers you for all awards that you qualify for.  So get your application in before the deadline. Detail on each of the awards can be seen here,    http://fefcanada.ca/students/scholarship-guidelines/

Scholarship Winners for 2020

Many thanks to all the students that applied for our scholarships this year. The FEF Canada board members had a record number of applications to sort through this year.  In addition this year the Non-Ferrous Foundry Society – Ontario has increased their giving an added a second award this year.  Together with the existing FEF Canada awards, we are excited announce our winners this year

Bernoulli Andilab, Mechanical Engineering             

Doctoral Program Ryerson University

Non-Ferrous Foundry Society Award

Niloufar Khodaei, Materials Science and,

Engineering Masters Program, McMaster University

Non-Ferrous Foundry Society Award

Matthew Bolan, 4th year Mechanical Engineering,

University of Guelph

CFA- Past President Award

Jessica Kolyn, 3rd year Mechanical Engineering Technology, Mohawk College

 Modern Foundry Technologies Institute Award


Are you hiring now?

As a result of Covid 19 many studennts have had their summer positions dissappear the year. FEF Canada can put you in contact with students looking for positions. Contact exec.dir@fefcanada.ca if you can help a student and yourself.

Foundry In A Box Canada 

The design of our Foundry in a Box unit is complete and we are excited to announce that it is now available for demonstration and sale. Four complete unit have been shipped and we are working on our next unit now.

FEF Canada’s Mission

To advance the Canadian Metal Casting Industry by; funding post secondary students, supporting training and school programs, collaborating with other organizations and, promoting the metal casting industry in Canada.

Who We Are

We help today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders.

What We Have Done

The Foundry Education Foundation Canada (FEF Canada) was established in 2006 and has awarded seven scholarships since 2010.  FEF Canada currently manages funds to support three annual scholarships and is a registered charity in Canada.

We are partnered with several parallel organizations including the Foundry Educational Foundation (USA), Canadian Foundry Association (CFA), AFS Ontario, AFS Quebec and NFFS Ontario.

What Do We Want to Be

FEF Canada looks forward to increasing the number of supported metal casting students in Canada and increasing education of foundry students through increased industrial participation in the development of new talent alongside increased available educational resources.

We also look to expand public knowledge and our prospective support base by making information available to parents, current and potential students, academics, industry partners as well as the general public at large.

How You Can Help

By making a Charitable donation to FEF Canada your financial assistance helps provide important support for students to help them follow a foundry career path which benefits not only the student, but also the industry and society as a whole.

Your giving to FEF Canada through donations or endowments increases the awareness of the industry as a potential career choice to students and its importance to Canada’s economy.

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